Bleeding Heart – Designer Matted Prints

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Purchase this Designer Matted Print in any size and I will donate 20% of the sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to be used for Breast Cancer Research and Support of people struggling with this disease.


These Designer Prints are offered in two sizes. Printed on Fine Arts Paper and double matted using all archival materials.

Why I am making this offer.

First of all, I have too many girlfriends who have been afflicted by this disease. Neither age nor healthy lifestyle choices seem to have deterred this onslaught.

I am angry and disgusted!

So I decided to do something about it!



Why these flowers?

As I traveled to various states doing Fine Arts Festivals over the years, I realized that an unusual number of women were buying these pretty pink flower prints for themselves, their sisters, mothers or girlfriends. During conversations, I began to be aware of how many of my Pink Botanical Prints were being given as gifts to women struggling with Breast Cancer.

I decided to do something about it.

I will donate 20% of the profits from the Sale of either of these two Floral Prints to the Komen foundation to go towards research to help find a cure for this dreaded disease.

When I returned to the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival a year after my previous visit, a customer stopped by my booth to tell me that she had bought a large framed Kansas Peony piece from me the previous year and that she had hung it opposite her bed so it would be the first thing she saw each  morning during her challenging year.

I was so moved by this. I was proud to support her in her struggle.

Order either of these prints in whatever size you choose from me directly and I PROMISE to make the appropriate donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

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16×12" Double Matted Print, 20×16" Double Matted Print