Fire Flame Peony – Original Mixed Media Painting 20×30″

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These vibrant Tree Peonies bloom in my garden at the same time as the Azalea which is planted near it.

The colors match so perfectly in my garden once every year and season after season in my Art.

20×30″ Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas Gallery Wrapped on thick 1.5″ stretchers.

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My art is driven by multiple passions.

As a classically trained Artist, the study of Art History informs my work. The compositional framework on which I design my Art is from this lifelong study of the great old masters.

As an Artist and a passionate gardener with a degree in landscape design, I love to create Art whether in a 3-dimensional garden or on a 2-dimensional canvas

A critical component of my Art and my life is ceaseless experimentation. My Mixed Media paintings are an expression of the limitless boundaries available to me as an experimental Artist.

Combining my passions are the tools I use to create my traditional representational Art.

This unframed ready to hang original Mixed Media painting is gallery wrapped. 

Framing Options are available. Contact the Artist for additional information.

Custom Work Welcome!